Sips and Sonnets: Blood and Wine

Sips and Sonnets: Blood and Wine

I don’t write very much about nightlife. That’s because I don’t usually find nightlife that interesting. Give me a glass of wine and a good book any night. But, every once in a while, something comes along that’s too good to pass up.

One of the great things about living in a city is that there’s always someone who’s trying to shake things up. One of the great things about living in Edinburgh is that the people who are trying to shake things up are just as helplessly dorky as you are. Enter the Pop Up Geeks.

The Pop Up Geeks are a group of people who put together pop-up bars, which are bars that are only open for a few weeks at a time. What makes the Pop Up Geeks so special, though, is that the pop-up bars they organize have nerdy (read: amazing) themes. Everything in the bar corresponds to the theme, right down to the wall décor and the drinks on the menu. Right now, the Pop Up Geeks are working with a bar called Daylight Robbery in the New Town neighborhood of Edinburgh to host a Game of Thrones themed bar.

You read that right.

A Game of Thrones bar.

I was trolling around Facebook one day when I came across a Buzzfeed article about a Game of Thrones themed bar in Edinburgh. While I’m not particularly into Game of Thrones (I enjoyed the books, but never got into the TV show), I know lots of people who are diehard Westeros-heads (like, everyone I know). It was therefore quite easy for me to scrape together some people to go out of a Wednesday night – after all, who can resist a bar called Blood & Wine?

Blood & Wine is in the basement of a popular bar, which is open year-round. It’s just the basement that gets decked out. There’s only finger food available in the GoT basement-bar (anyone for a Frey Pie?), but heavier food can be ordered at the main bar upstairs. The drink selection is quite good – all seven kingdoms are represented! From Myrish fire wine to Dornish sour red to (my personal favorite) Strongwine, it showed up on the menu.

Being a pop-up bar, Blood & Wine is only going to be open for a few more weeks – it closes the 23rd of February! – so if you need some GoT in your life, you’d better get a move on! They’re open on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 5pm. Location: 26B Dublin Street, Edinburgh, in the basement of Daylight Robbery.

PS: Rumor has it the next theme is Harry Potter. Stay tuned for that!

Check out the Buzzfeed article that convinced me to go!

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