Itinerary Planner Pages: Travel Planner

Itinerary Planner Pages: Travel Planner



Use these Itinerary Planner Pages in your travel planner to help organize a multi-destination trip!

Getting your transportation in order is stressful enough. These pages will help you keep the details organized and where you can find them.

Plus, keep all your notes about attractions you’d like to see, tours you’d like to take, or landmarks you’d like to see in one place with these Itinerary Planner Pages. Pages can be printed more than once for multi-destination trips.

This PDF digital download has 3 pages. Included in the Itinerary Planner Pages for the Rogue Asparagus Travel Planner are:

  • Outbound and Return Journey Information. Write down all your trip information here. There are spaces for dates, departure and arrival times, and what type of transportation you’ll be using. This is great while you’re planning dates for the trip!
  • Destination Information. Use these spaces to write down how long you’ll be in a place, how you’ll be getting there, and the contact information for your accommodation. This is helpful when you need to remember how to get to the hotel from the airport or train station. There is also a section for detailed notes about bus timetables, shuttles, subway directions, etc.
  • Attraction Information. Plan out what sights you’d like to see using these spaces! Each destination page has room for three attractions, tours, or landmarks that you’d like to visit. There is space for the attraction’s contact information, opening hours, and directions. Also provided is a space for detailed notes about public transportation directions, reasons you want to visit, special events, etc.

For multi-destination trips, the pages can be printed more than once.

Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned pro, these Itinerary Travel Planner Pages can help you organize your trip and hit all the places you’d like to visit!

Not sure where to start? Check out our post on how to travel prep on the blog.


For best results, print pages on 24lb or 32lb weight 8.5″x11″ paper. These pages are perfect for use with standard 3-ring binders, which you can find online or in your local office supply store. Customize the pages using embellishments or colored pens, which you can find at your local craft store.

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